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                × Stay away from COVID-19: We remain open and are ready to serve customers with positive market confidence. And we are praying for your health: May God bless you, and direct your steps.

                namkwong.com under construction

                南广 楠广
                Great domain is nothing but everything
                Non-commericial and personal website, under construction
                To contact domain name owner, complete this Form:

                * Required fields
                ** This field is only applicable when you have such intention. It is designed to detect spam offers / spam messages, and it does not constitute an offer to sell this domain, and the registrant of this domain is not otherwise stating any intention to sell the name
                If you or your offer is not serious, we cannot guanrantee a reply


                1. Why am I here?

                Your active visit is due to your active domain name entry, which illustrates the natural advantages of domain names.

                If you think you came unexpectedly, it is very likely that you came to the wrong site. Please read the "Disclaimer" carefully and check your inputs / clicked links or find the right website with the help of a search engine.

                This is a planned website and is privately owned and has nothing to do with any company, brand, product, service, trademark that you were expecting.

                This unfortunate example also illustrates the natural advantages of good domain names.

                2. Are domains expensive here?

                Our single transaction price is over several thousands US dollars.

                DNJournal.com is a good place to understand the value of domain names. It is published weekly and annual domain name transaction price. You can also browse trading history of previous years . This helps to understand the overview of the domain name market.

                In 1999, we registered our first domain name and established our first website. Today, we already have thousands of domain names and websites.


                From the beginning, we have selected high-quality generic .com and made the best use of it.


                We are creating websites for every domain name to serve the public.


                In the meantime, we have received lots of domain inquiries from individuals, teams, enterprises, listed companies and unicorns.


                We will carefully review these requests and strive to respond within one working day.


                However, we cannot guarantee that every request will receive our reply, especially uninteresting, boring or even ignorant proposals.


                Finally and most importantly: some domain names are for own use and are not for sale. The reason you should have heard: Money is not everything.

                3. Will domains become more expensive here?


                4. How about the domain escrow?

                We will use 4.cn or Escrow.com Domain Concierge Service , or any other domain transfer service mutally agreed.

                You are always free to transfer the domain to your favourite registrar.

                Some domains are not for sale.

                Our achievements


                Namkwong.com is a generic, multiple-meaning domain. The website is non-commercial, independently owned and operated, not connected or affiliated with any company, organization or trademark. The web page is being used by its domain owner solely for domain name resolution and spam-filtered & protected inbound communications, as well as preparation for the future project. It does not offer/sell any commodities or services. Any information provided in the Form and web page does not constitute an offer to sell this domain, and the registrant of this domain is not otherwise stating any intention to sell the name. If you think your arrival is unexpected, please recheck or use search engines.

                Before sending the email, please check the domain name of recipient carefully.

                Protecting yourself and others from the spread COVID-19

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